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Third-Party Internship Providers

Don’t have your own network of contacts abroad? Third-party providers can act as matchmakers for you, placing you with an employer abroad in a role that corresponds with your interests. But they do so much more than just placement! Providers will prepare you before you depart, greet and orient you as you arrive, provide support, cultural programming and professional development while you’re abroad, and also arrange housing for the duration of your stay. They will also have staff on site to help in case of emergencies. There are providers who operate in almost every country, in a dazzling variety of fields, so you can browse to find a good match for yourself.

The following providers are not affiliated with Baruch, but many Baruch students have participated on their programs and found them enjoyable and beneficial. There are many more, but these can get you started.

CRCC Asia offers placements in China, Japan, Korea and Vietnam.
Global Experiences is the internship arm of AIFS. They have a variety of locations, and also offer virtual internships.
The Intern Group also offers a broad range of destinations, as well as virtual programs and generous scholarships.
CIS Abroad is a well-known study abroad provider which also arranges internships and virtual internships.
Barcelona SAE loves Baruch students and is an excellent resource for interning in Barcelona, Spain! They know the city inside and out and offer scholarships, a “bucket list” of cultural activities in Barcelona, and rolling start dates.
API is a woman-owned company that takes global education seriously. Earn digital badges to show off your global workplace experience.
Capital Placement Internships places students in London, Singapore and virtual placements, and also works with students post-graduation.
World Endeavors offers internships in a variety of locations and virtual.
CIEE offers standalone summer internships, as well as many programs that combine study and intern abroad. A leader in international education.
Intern Abroad HQ offers many destinations that other providers don’t, at reasonable prices.

I’m an international business major, so this was the most valuable experience for me. Being able to talk, work, and understand the work requirements and habits of another culture was super interesting to me.”

Danielle Sadiklar, BBA in International Business, interned virtually with Bsamply in Milan, Italy via Global Experiences, summer 2022
Is there a cost?

You should expect to pay a program fee for the services provided to you, including placement in your internship, housing, and safety, cultural and professional support. These fees can appear quite high, but they are fairly comprehensive. Your provider should be able to explain the breakdown of what your program fee includes. Additional costs will include your flight, visa fees, food and personal entertainment.

The C.V. Starr International Experiential Learning Fellowship can help you out with your finances. This fellowship supports students undertaking professional experiential learning opportunities. The amount of the fellowship varies based on the relevance of the job description to your major or intended career, your proposed budget and cost of living in the host country, the duration of your experience, whether any additional professional development opportunities are included in your program, and whether you have received the fellowship in the past. For the funding, the internship needs to be either full time for 4 weeks or part time for at least 6 weeks. Fellowships generally do not cover the entire cost of participating in the program, but may cover a significant portion of your costs.

Depending on the lead time, the fellowship can sometimes issue a partial payment ahead of time as an advance, or you might have to get the payment after you come back as a reimbursement.

How does it work?

You’ll browse the linked providers, and decide which placement company you want to work with. You’ll apply to them, observing any deadlines. The provider will contact you to discuss what your goals are, your background and concerns such as language ability. If they believe that they have a high chance of being able to place you in an internship, they’ll admit you and invoice you for the program fee. You’ll remain in contact with the provider while they search for and secure a placement for you. The balance of the invoice will be due some time after you are admitted.

Once you’re admitted, you can apply for funding through the C.V. Starr International Experiential Learning Fellowship. To get an advance on your funding, you will submit the invoice and based on that you can receive approximately half the invoice amount.

What about internships for credit?

Most Baruch students are not required to receive credit. If you want credit, we can help you arrange it, but it’s usually an additional fee, and most undergraduate degree programs do not require it.

Can I intern while I study abroad?

The internships described on this page are full-time internships, and typically students who intern full-time will do so in the summer. If you are already planning to study abroad for a semester and would like to explore taking a part-time internship as a portion of your curriculum, some of the providers linked above offer study/intern semester programs. To get started with studying abroad, visit the Study Abroad Office website.

Is there a remote option?

Yes! The pandemic taught us that many things can be done remotely, and this includes internships abroad. Searching for a provider and being matched to a workplace is fairly similar to the in-person experience, although lead times can be shorter because there’s no need to apply for a visa. You’ll be matched with an employer abroad and given a project to work on remotely, communicating with your supervisor regularly. The provider will also arrange remote cultural coaching sessions, which can include online cooking lessons and other fun ways to experience your host culture from your own home!