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CUNY ADA Accommodation Request Policy

Brochures/flyers announcing specific public programs should include a statement identifying the person to contact if an ADA accommodation is needed. The time frame, by which such a request must be made, e.g. forty eight hours in advance, must be included in the statement. A visitor should make any initial request for accommodation to the individual designated on the flyer. The designee should consult with appropriate college officials to determine the feasibility of granting the requested accommodation. Such consultation shall be confidential, and limited to those officials whose input is necessary to the decision. If the proffered accommodation is acceptable to the visitor, the designee should inform the 504/ADA Compliance Coordinator of the nature of the accommodation.

Procedures for Implementing Reasonable Accommodation at CUNY

For further information, please contact:

Kieran B. Morrow, Esq.

Chief Diversity Officer/Title IX, Section 504, and ADA Coordinator
Office of Diversity, Compliance, and Equity Initiatives
Baruch College
One Bernard Baruch Way, Box C204
New York, New York 10010

Barbara Sirois
Office of Services for Students with Disabilities
One Bernard Baruch Way, Box B2-271
New York, NY 10010