Faculty & Staff Resources

Faculty Personnel Guidelines

Academic Personnel Appeals

Any full-time member of the professional teaching, counseling, and library staffs, and college laboratory technicians may appeal in writing to the President negative decisions made by a departmental committee or by a School or College Personnel and Budget (hereafter P&B) Committee, in regard to reappointment (with or without tenure or certificate of continuous employment), leaves, promotion in rank, or fellowship awards.

View the Academic Personnel Appeals Procedures for more information.

External Peer Reviews

External peer reviews will be solicited to assist the College in its review process for granting tenure and promotion and for appointing new faculty at the rank of Professor. External reviews increase our ability to obtain an objective, fair assessment of a candidate’s scholarly contribution to his/her field, thereby adding credibility to the review process. External reviews are to be used as important documentation in the context of the Baruch personnel process; these reviews are not intended to establish the relative weight which is given to scholarship in the review process or to substitute for the Baruch collegial peer review process.

Fellowship Awards

Instructions and Procedures for Requesting Fellowship Awards

Scholar Incentive Awards

Scholar Incentive Awards of not less than one semester nor more than one year shall be established for full-time personnel in the following titles: Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor, Instructor, Lecturer, University Professor, Distinguished Professor and Medical Series. The only purpose of these Awards shall be to facilitate bona fide and documented scholarly research. Other projects or proposals (e.g. meeting of degree requirements, study, service outside the University) or reasons (e.g. professional, career, personal) shall not be considered for these Awards. The application in the form of a plan shall be submitted to the appropriate departmental (and school) committees and, if approved, to the college committee on personnel and budget. If the latter committee approves, it shall forward the application to the President with its endorsement. Such endorsement must state that the work of the department in which the applicant serves can be so arranged as to be carried forward effectively during the period of the leave, and that the work the applicant intends to do is consonant with the principles of the Scholar Incentive Award. Upon positive recommendation of the President, the application shall be forwarded to the Chancellor for review and recommendation.

Scholarship and Incentive Award Form