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Program Benchmarks

Baruch Healthcare MBA - Program Benchmarks

Class of 2013 Graduation

The Program has established a series of benchmarks for our students upon completion. Our goal is that majority of our graduates will meet or exceed the expectations of the evaluators from outside the Program with respect to the following eight competencies.


Teamwork and Leadership

Students will develop skills that permit them to function effectively in teams and be given opportunities to experience, understand, and develop their competencies as leaders.


Students will be effective oral and written communicators as leadership and teamwork in business is dependent on developing shared meaning and commitment to action fostered through communication.

Information and Technology Literacy

Students will develop effective information literacy skills and understand how information technology is used to support organizational decision-making.

Ethical Awareness

Students will be sensitive to ethical issues in business, understand the importance of behavior and their responsibilities as business people to uphold ethical principles in their dealings.

Quantitative Analysis

Students will effectively use quantitative techniques to describe and analyze business phenomena and help develop solutions to business problems.

Financial Knowledge

Students will effectively use economic, accounting and financial concepts to assess markets, to manage revenues and costs, and to oversee budgets in healthcare organizations.

Knowledge of the Healthcare Environment

Students will know the health insurance system in the US, its major payers and its myriad incentives so as best adapt business skills to the efficient provision of healthcare services to diverse populations and their multiple needs.

Knowledge Integration

Students will have the opportunity to develop a specialized intellectual competence in at least one business discipline to support post degree employment aims.

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