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Harmonizing Human Resources at the Zicklin School

March 2, 2023

We’re in harmony! The Zicklin School’s Executive MS in Human Resource Management program is officially academically aligned with the Body of Applied Skills & Knowledge (BASK) of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). Zicklin News sat down with Stephan Dilchert, PhD, the program’s academic director, to learn more.

“Four years ago, the Zicklin School updated the Executive MS in HRM program to ensure that the skills that we teach are in line with what today’s HR professionals need to know in order to success in an increasingly complex world,” Dr. Dilchert explains. “After teaching the new curriculum for a few years, we submitted all the information about what students learn in our courses to SHRM, to make sure we’re teaching the cutting-edge skills HR folks need to know. And SHRM determined that we are.”

What does this mean for the Zicklin School’s HRM students and recent graduates? Essentially, external validation: “It’s kind of like if you bought a new car and then two years later, Consumer Reports rated it as an excellent car — an external, expert nonprofit organization is assuring that you made the right choice,” Dilchert offers. “This is a prestigious recognition that elevates the profiles of our graduates and makes them more competitive in the labor market.”

Some examples of required skills and competencies found in SHRM’s BASK (and taught in Zicklin’s EMS HRM program) include talent acquisition (identifying and attracting a workforce that meet an organization’s goals) and analytical aptitude (research design, critical thinking skills, and deductive reasoning abilities).

“These skills will help our EMS HRM students and alumni accelerate their careers and become HR leaders in the future,” Dilchert said.





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