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Why Did These Students Choose the Zicklin School?

November 30, 2023

We interviewed graduate students at the Zicklin School of Business to learn more about them and why they enrolled. Here’s what they told us.  

Name: Emily Bayer   

Program: Full-Time MBA  

Area of interest: Finance

Previous jobs/careers: Opera singer, operations manager at a tech startup   

Favorite classes: Investment Analysis with Prof. Xi Dong, Strategy and Competitive Advantage with Prof. Helaine Korn, Strategic Business Communication with Prof. Nora Gold  

What surprised her: I thought an MBA program would be a rough-and-tumble, competitive environment, but instead we’re genuinely excited to share our successes and help one another.   

#WhyZicklin: Value  


Name: Lunevska Jean  

Program: MS in Marketing  

Area of interest: International business 

Previous job/career: Administrative assistant at the Lyceum Kennedy French-American School  

Why he chose the Zicklin School: It was always my dream to do a master’s degree, and the Zicklin School stood out in my research. When I mentioned the school, former students had only good things to say about it, and work colleagues always had a positive response.  

Favorite classes: They all have a soft spot in my heart, but right now I’m really learning a lot from Consumer Behavior with Prof. Elyse Kane. I’m learning to make better decisions as a consumer, which makes me a better person.  

#WhyZicklin: Diverse and innovative 



Name: Johnson Yeh  

Program: MS in Marketing  

Area of interest: Digital marketing

Previous jobs/careers: Paris Baguette barista, digital marketing manager for Overarchers hip-hop label, songwriter for the government of Taiwan  

Why he chose marketing: I like using my creativity and putting my ideas into something real that can influence people. I’m also making my own hip-hop/pop music as the Candyman and I want to promote that.  

#WhyZicklin: Connectivity  


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