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New York Times Calls Baruch College an “Upward-Mobility Machine”

May 1, 2024

A business reporter for The New York Times wrote about a new study that praised Baruch as a model college for increasing opportunities for lower-income students. 

In a recent newsletter for New York Times subscribers, Baruch College received high praise from veteran business reporter David Leonhardt, based on a report by American Talent Initiative (ATI), a program founded by former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg with the goal of increasing economic diversity in higher education.  

The latest ATI report praised Baruch as a “model college” because it “holds down tuition costs and creates clear pathways for students to earn degrees.” Over 60 percent of Baruch students receive Pell grants, the report adds, indicating that they are low income. 

Indeed, among U.S. colleges that graduate more than 70 percent of their students, Baruch may be the most economically diverse, Leonhardt says. What he does not say is that at Baruch, over 75 percent of undergraduates—three out of every four students—are students in the Zicklin School of Business.  

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