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Tech Leadership Development Program Helps Zicklin Undergrads Land Career-Boosting Internships

March 28, 2022

Techies, rejoice. The Technology Leadership Development Program (TLDP) is wrapping up its second year, and counting.   

The three-semester program, which is sponsored by the Starr Career Development Center and the Shulman Family Foundation, provides Baruch students who are interested in technology careers with opportunities in cybersecurity, data analytics, IT, and other tech-related fields. This year, all 18 students selected for the program were from the Zicklin School.   

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Marion Viray, TLDP program manager

In the fall, TLDP begins with nine weeks of professional development workshops, in which ”students work on skills in areas like resume writing, interviewing, creating a LinkedIn profile, and so on,” explains Marion Viray, TLDP program manager and adjunct career counselor. He invites in guest speakers who are tech professionals at big companies, including Google, Meta (parent company of Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp), Amazon, CVS Health, Accenture, and business cloud software developer Infor, to talk about their personal career paths and how they use their technical skills at work. Later, students meet one-on-one with tech professionals at a speed-networking event. The semester closes out with group projects assigned to smaller teams of three to five students each, who present their work to an Accenture executive.

During the winter session, TLDP students also complete a two-week January “winternship.” The most recent experience involved cloud computing, cybersecurity, and device safety issues for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, which runs New York City’s subways, buses, and commuter rail systems and is the largest transportation network in North America. For the spring semester, students will hone their interpersonal skills in areas such as cultural competencies and conflict resolution, and will also be paired with individual tech professionals for personalized mentoring.  

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Helen Ng Chang (BBA, ’23)

Helen Ng Chang (BBA, ’23), a computer information systems major, says being mentored by the chief information security officer of the Hearst Corporation was her favorite part of TLDP, as well as the internship she completed in information security at American Express, where she handled in-depth exploits to test the effectiveness of their defensive security,” she says. American Express has invited her to return as an intern next summer, Helen adds.

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Souleymane Ba (BBA, ’23)

“I’ve grown a lot both professionally and personally,” says finance and investments major Souleymane Ba (BBA, ‘23) of his TLDP experience. Souleymane adds that the program helped him land a corporate finance internship at SL Green, New York City’s largest commercial real estate company. ”It’s perfect for me because it covers all three of my interests: corporate finance, technology, and real estate,” he says. ”But honestly, my favorite part of TLDP has been getting to work with Marion and networking with other students.”

For his part, program manager Viray is looking forward to concluding this year’s program with a mini-graduation ceremony: “We hope to hold it in person this time,” he notes. “Last year, for obvious reasons, we weren’t able to do that.”  

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