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Wall Street Journal Names Baruch a Top Ten College for Finance Salaries

May 1, 2024

Future quants and financiers, rejoice! The Wall Street Journal recently named Baruch College the #10 public college nationwide for finance salaries, outperforming local rivals Rutgers and Stony Brook and placing it in the company of state flagship universities such as Michigan, Virginia, and Berkeley.  

Drawing on research from the Burning Glass Institute, a Philadelphia-based nonprofit labor market research firm, the Journal reported that Baruch graduates with a BBA in finance from the Zicklin School of Business earn significantly higher pay than the median finance graduate.  

According to the Wall Street Journal/Burning Glass Institute report, Zicklin finance graduates receive an average annual pay premium of almost $21,000 in the first decade of their career compared to the median salary of a finance graduate with equal experience. This is the second year in a row that Baruch earned a top ranking in the report. 

Zicklin School alumna Gabriela Guaita Saba (BBA, ’16), a vice president at Goldman Sachs, was interviewed for the Journal article. She said she was first approached by Goldman recruiters when she attended a conference for Latino professionals with a Latino student organization at Baruch. “I knew nothing about finance or Goldman,” she told the Journal. “I got to know them through the student programs at Baruch.”  

“Graduates from Baruch’s Zicklin School of Business are consistently in high demand,” said Baruch College President S. David Wu. “When leading firms recruit a [Zicklin] graduate, they are assured a professional who is not only equipped with a comprehensive and cutting-edge business education but also embodies the resilience and acumen that define the ethos of our institution.” 

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