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June 2024

Meet Samantha Liu (BBA, ’24), Baruch College Valedictorian 

"The courses I took for my major have given me the knowledge and confidence to bring data-driven skills to organizations I join in the future."   Read More

May 2024

Zicklin Professor Named AACSB Influential Leader for Climate Change Research

"I hope this honor will show that the financial markets and business community can be powerful allies in the ongoing struggle to save the planet.”   Read More

April 2024

Zicklin School Information Systems Faculty Recognized for Innovative Research 

“This is a significant achievement that highlights impactful research conducted by our faculty.”   Read More

March 2024

Face of CUNY: Zicklin Undergraduate Erin McCarthy is #BaruchUnstoppable

If you’ve ridden a subway or PATH train lately, you might have seen a CUNY ad featuring a smiling, flame-haired young woman sitting under a tree, working on a laptop and holding a cat.   Read More

February 2024

Zicklin Student-Founders of Clothing Brand Are Fashion Models, Moguls—and More

Homme D'Affaire is the Baruch entrepreneurship club's first startup to offer a tangible product line.   Read More

January 2024

Zicklin Data Scientists Storm Pitney Bowes HQ to Crush Baruch College Data Challenge

"The students did a tremendous job on incorporating quantitative data science methods and business understanding into their final read-outs."   Read More

December 2023

Zicklin Students Place Second in Nationwide MBA Case Competition 

The Zicklin team outperformed 24 other teams from universities across the country, including Rutgers, George Washington University, Purdue, and the University of Notre Dame.   Read More

November 2023

Zicklin Alumni Sweep Baruch Changemakers Awards

It is gratifying to know that our school produces graduates who have a passion for social responsibility as well as the business acumen required for success.”   Read More

October 2023

Zicklin Students Win $10K Accounting Scholarships

"This scholarship is a spiritual encouragement for my future career development.”   Read More

September 2023

Zicklin Students Build a Green Future from Upcycled Plastic Bricks

Zicklin School of Business students David Jimenez (BBA, ’25) and Shenjie Qiu (MBA, ’23) are two co-founders of Quiick Briick, a Bronx-based startup that transforms recycled plastic into environmentally friendly building materials.   Read More

August 2023

Inspired by Mom, Zicklin Undergrad Wins U.S. State Department Fellowship

"I chose computer information systems as my major because I believe in technology's revolutionary ability."   Read More

July 2023

Zicklin Teams Place First and Second in Cyber Case Competition

“I admired how the students were able to focus on the competition while keeping up with their coursework,” said faculty member Gideon Pell. “Cybersecurity in business is all about teamwork."     Read More

June 2023

Zicklin MBA Alum Creates LGBTQ+ Scholarship 

Eric developed a passion for leadership at the Zicklin School thanks to the influence of an adjunct professor of management.   Read More

May 2023

Meet Daniel Ugalde, Class of ’23 Salutatorian 

"Throughout college, I always wanted older students to tell me about all the mistakes I should avoid, but even when I avoided those, I made other ones."   Read More

April 2023

Zicklin Undergrads Travel to England to Present Original Climate Change Research 

"We need to take care of Mother Earth because she provides for us."   Read More

March 2023

First-Gen Zicklin Alumna is Googler by Day, CEO by Night 

"As a nontraditional student, first-generation immigrant, and non-native speaker, I often felt nervous and ashamed of my accent and lack of experience, and I think a lot of other people face that on a daily basis."   Read More

February 2023

Zicklin MBA Grad Named AACSB 2023 Influential Leader 

The aim of Lisa's company, which she started at the Zicklin School, is to bring creative play to children who are often excluded from it.   Read More

Zicklin MBA Students Win Over $5K in Case Competition 

The Zicklin team helped the parent company of The North Face and Vans devise ways to mitigate some of the risks posed by climate change.   Read More

January 2023

Zicklin Undergraduate Makes Over $60K Writing Video Game Stories 

Despite his success, Arash Lahijani (BBA, '24) says it's not his writing skills that make him stand out.   Read More

December 2022

Four Zicklin Women Win Scholarships to Attend Prestigious Computing Conference 

The Grace Hopper Celebration is the premier conference on women in computing.   Read More

November 2022

Baruch College Signs Historic Agreement with First Community College Partner in Business Academy 

The Baruch Business Academy provides a seamless pathway for business students from partner community colleges to transfer into the Zicklin School of Business.   Read More

October 2022

How This Zicklin MBA Turned Rejection into Acceptance 

After a good friend studying at Zicklin praised the school, Gomes applied to the program — only to be turned down initially.   Read More

September 2022

How Zicklin Undergrad Hailey Ra Makes Money as an Influencer

In fall 2020, Hailey released a video that went viral, garnering almost 20 million views.   Read More

July 2022

Zicklin Grad Students Win All-Expenses Paid Trip to Prestigious Conference in Switzerland 

The two women were chosen based on their submissions to a global essay competition.   Read More

June 2022

This Zicklin Alum’s MBA Lets Him “Punch Above My Weight Class” 

"I faced lots of adversity in my journey, but that is exactly what the Zicklin School is all about."   Read More

May 2022

Zicklin School Students Are Valedictorian and Salutatorian of Baruch College’s Class of 2022  

For the fourth consecutive year, the top two students from Baruch College's graduation class are graduating from the Zicklin School.   Read More

April 2022

The Zicklin School Is a Family Affair for These Siblings 

“Zicklin has great resources for career changers and international students like me.”   Read More

March 2022

Career Changer Quits Job, Moves to U.S. for Zicklin’s Full-Time MBA Program  

"I was aiming for a summer internship, but got a full-time job offer from a company which is now sponsoring a working visa (H1B) for me."   Read More

Zicklin Undergrad Blazes Trail for Women in AI 

"Zicklin is just the place for people like me. Here is where your disadvantage becomes your competitive advantage."   Read More

February 2022

Most Influential Black Person in Britain Is Zicklin Alum Jacky Wright 

"Leadership capabilities are driven by one’s ability to collaborate, be inclusive, and challenge the status quo."   Read More

January 2022

Zicklin Alum Turns Side Hustle into $15 Million Company with Celebrity Following 

"I was really intrigued by all the diversity — so many students from so many cultures, all hustling, all trying to find a way to make money, to make something work. I thought that was one of the most beautiful things about Zicklin."   Read More

November 2021

Image_Brian Meltzer
Zicklin Alum Leads Successful Clinical Trials for Drug Treating Rare Fatal Disease

"The Executive MBA in Healthcare Administration program unequivocally changed my life."   Read More

October 2021

Image_Man in gray jacket and white shirt
Zicklin Alum Launches Venture Capital Firm Targeting Underrepresented Entrepreneurs
By Zicklin Marketing & Communications Team 
October 12, 2021 

"I’m dedicating my life to turning the concept or the terminology of diversity and inclusion obsolete."   Read More

September 2021

Meet the Class of ’22
By Zicklin Marketing & Communications Team 
September 22, 2021 

"It feels like I figured out a secret hack for business school."   Read More

August 2021

Teaching at Baruch
By Ed Mendlowitz (BBA, ’63) 
August 25, 2021 

"Friday, I start teaching for the first time at my alma mater, Baruch College. I am teaching Financial Accounting to undergraduate non-accounting majors..."   Read More

August 2021

Image_Man in jacket and tie
Zicklin Students Land Prestigious Internships
By Zicklin Marketing & Communications Team
August 20, 2021 

Undergrad Brian Sterling (pictured) had an internship with Credit Suisse.   Read More

June 2021

by Gwendolyn Webb 
Associate Dean, Executive Programs, and Professor of Finance
June 21, 2021

For certain, our executive students have realized the promise they showed coming into the program — and they have done so with resilience.   Read More

February 2021

Leading By Example: Jemima Louis (EMBA HCA ’23)
February 9, 2021

Jemima Louis is changing lives, one smile at a time.
  Read More

January 2021

Professor Kapil Bawa Scratches a Niche
January 29, 2021

The Zicklin marketing professor recently popped up in a Super Bowl commercial.   Read More

How Creative Pursuits Help Us in the Pandemic
January 20, 2021

Faculty and staff at the Zicklin School have turned to creative pursuits for consolation recently.   Read More

Do the Right Thing Larry Zicklin (BBA, ’57) makes ethics, and the spirit of giving, his business. 

"For me, nothing would have happened without this. It began here, free of charge."   Read More

Trading Places Willem Kooyker (BBA, ’71), founder and chair of legendary hedge fund Blenheim Capital Management. 

“I had to sign a letter promising to become a U.S. citizen after completing my degree. It took me exactly one second to say, ‘No problem!’”   Read More

High Tech, High Touch  Lara Abrash (MBA, ’94), chair and CEO of Deloitte & Touche LLP. 

“We talk about a global environment. At Baruch, I lived in a global environment. It teaches you that the world is bigger than what’s around you.”   Read More

Turnaround Specialist Michael Roth (BBA, ’67), chairman & CEO of Interpublic Group. 

“Professor Chaykin would ask us, ‘If you were going to see a doctor for a problem with your stomach, would you want your doctor to have gotten a C in stomach?’"   Read More

Success Made to Measure  Paulette Garafalo (BBA ’78, MBA ’80), Paul Stuart president and CEO. 

“When you’re at a New York City public college and you’re first generation, you work really hard, you don’t take anything for granted, and you earn everything.”   Read More

Taking Stock Alex Ibrahim (Executive MBA, ’98), head of international capital markets for the New York Stock Exchange. 

“My classes at Zicklin, especially what I learned about financial markets, stock trading, exchanges, accounting, and economics, all relate to what I do at the Exchange every single day.”   Read More

Most Valuable Player John Quinones (Executive MS Industrial Labor Relations, ’01), head of talent acquisition for the National Football League. 

“Those two classes were critical to my long-term success. They helped cement the foundation for my career.”   Read More

Accounting for Achievement  James Rizzo (MS Accounting, ’13), vice president of Aflac Global Investments.   

"[Zicklin] students are more driven than any I've ever seen. It's like they can't get into the workforce fast enough."   Read More

Driven to Succeed Charlotte Bowman (Executive MBA, ’15), CFO of BMW/MINI in Manhattan. 

“Training a process is easy, but attitude is something you cannot change, and it sets the tone for the culture."   Read More

Wired for Innovation Leo Bodden (Executive MBA, ’15), chief technology officer of New York-Presbyterian Hospital. 

“A number of senior leaders at my organization, whom I respect greatly, received their MBAs from Zicklin.”   Read More

Seeing His Way Clear Alex Lafaras (Executive MS Finance, ’16), CFO of General Glass International. 

“I believe we are all somehow interconnected on this planet, and sharing the wealth of experience and knowledge we have with others . . . will ultimately make the world better.”   Read More

Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained  Chandni Rakshit (MBA, ’18), corporate vice president of technology at New York Life Ventures. 

“Mentorships and alumni networks are among Zicklin’s greatest strengths."   Read More

A Prescription for Success Daran Kaufman (Executive MBA, Healthcare Administration, ’18), chief quality officer and chief medical informatics officer of NYC Health + Hospitals. 

“My work accomplishments in leadership and quality while studying at Zicklin put me in line for these promotions."   Read More