The New Normal in Business

2020 & Beyond
Webinar Series

Featuring business executives and faculty discussing how business will emerge in the “new normal.” Please join Dean Fenwick Huss, Larry Zicklin, faculty members, and executives for these Zoom webinars, providing insights that will resonate with you on many levels.

Crisis Management During a Pandemic

July 8, 11 am



How do crisis management firms address the pandemic, internally and externally? What guidance do they give clients that need to lay off employees? And what advice are they providing clients regarding racial injustice? Please join an interactive discussion with Paul Scarpetta (above, left), Managing Director, New York, Sard Verbinnen; Emily Claffey (above, right), Managing Director, New York, Sard Verbinnen; our benefactor Larry Zicklin (BBA, ’57; left), and Dean Fenwick Huss. 

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NYC After the Pandemic

July 1, 11 am



Will New York City ever return to what it was before COVID-19? Will it remain an iconic American city, or will it be a place people are reluctant to visit and live in? Will higher city taxes push people out, and if the budget is weakened will the Municipal Assistance Corporation be required to step in? Please join this timely discussion with David Birdsell (top left), Marxe Dean of the Marxe School of Public and International Affairs; Yildiray Yildirim (top right), William Newman Chair Professor in Real Estate Finance and Director of the Steven L. Newman Real Estate Institute at the Zicklin School of Business; our school’s benefactor Larry Zicklin (left); and Dean Fenwick Huss.

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COVID-19 and the Ethics of Vaccine Distribution

June 23, 11 am 



Researchers around the world are racing to produce a safe, effective vaccine against COVID-19 as early as 2021. But what are the ethical implications if and when a vaccine is launched? Who should get it first, and why? Should its creator be paid, and if so, how much? And who will agree to be among the first to take it?  Please join this timely discussion with David Rosenberg (top left), Associate Professor of Law and Director of the Robert Zicklin Center for Corporate Integrity; Debbie Kaminer (top right), Professor of Law; our school’s benefactor Larry Zicklin (left); and Dean Fenwick Huss.

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Advertising: Will It Be Different After the Pandemic? 

June 17, 11 am 



How has COVID-19 affected the advertising industry? What lessons have been learned from the reopening of operations in New Zealand and Singapore? And what role can advertising play in addressing social injustices, including racism? Join us for a lively discussion with Dean Fenwick Huss, Larry Zicklin (BBA, ’57) and Michael Roth (BBA, ’67), Chairman and CEO of Interpublic Group.

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Lessons Learned Navigating Toward the Next Normal 

June 9, 11 am 



How has Deloitte’s investment in technology helped it manage in the current environment? Join us for a lively discussion with Dean Fenwick Huss, Senior Associate Dean Paquita Davis-Friday and Lara Abrash (MBA, ’94), Chairman & CEO of Deloitte & Touche LLP.

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Competition or Cooperation — What’s on the Horizon of International Relations?

May 20, 11 am


What impact will the COVID-19 pandemic have on world order? Will there be a reappraisal of how national security is defined? Is the pandemic a stress test, or does it mark the death knell of globalization? How will multilateralism fare? Please join Dean Fenwick Huss, Willem Kooyker (BBA, ’71), Founder and Chairman of Blenheim Capital Management, and Noel Lateef, President of the Foreign Policy Association, for a discussion of what’s on the horizon of international relations.  

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Start the World, I Want to Get On:
Imagining the New Economy 

May 12, 11 am 



How will the economy recover once lockdown restrictions are relaxed? What is the outlook for recession? Inflation?  Hear up-to-date forecasts from financial market models. Join us for a lively discussion with Dean Fenwick Huss, Larry Zicklin (BBA, ’57) and Professor Linda Allen, William F. Aldinger Chair in Banking and Finance, as they envision the new economy. 

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“Is This the New Economy?”

May 6, 11 am 



How fast can we expect the economy to recover? Is the CARES Act sufficient to get us back on track, and what is the outlook for fiscal and monetary policy? Has the Dodd-Frank Act made a difference? And what could keep the current recession from sliding into a depression? Please join Dean Fenwick Huss, Larry Zicklin, Associate Professor of Economics Sebastiano  Manzan, and Law Lecturer Ken Abbott for a lively discussion of these and other issues affecting the U.S. economy.

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